Furniture moving company

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Furniture moving company

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Furniture moving company


DAI for moving, packaging and storage 0555443965
DAI for the sale of cartons and packaging materials 0555003395*
Customized cartons for transport, moving, packaging, and storage at a price of SR 2 and 90 Halalas only

Furniture reasons for relocating:
Many people at times transfer pieces of furniture and luggage own homes or their companies or their office needs in secure and reliable stores. Due to some important conditions, such as travel for long periods to protect them from theft or because of a move to another house or for home renovations that need to change floors and paint, or because of the renewal of furniture, and relocation house and the desire to keep him in reliable places until sold.
Services in the transfer of furniture:
Transfer of furniture from the house and move to another office or another no longer causes a problem as before, it has become far easier and easier. Sharp House Trends in Riyadh, working in the field of transport and furniture store where the company has advanced capabilities and means to deal with furniture, transportation, packaging, and storage. The company is removing and installing furniture and shifts and re-installed with high a**uracy and skill.

We specialize in the transfer of services and offices Albertina and everything related to furniture and the contents of the corporate offices, government departments, institutions, furniture palaces, and residential complexes and houses. Where we use the best means of modern methods and equipment necessary for the transfer of luggage to the custom to put the stores and cars.

Good storage when the transfer of furniture:

When we think of storage must be through a reliable company security and safety hand and the Secretariat and to maintain such property without causing any damage or damage done.
It must be equipped with warehouses for keeping furniture perfectly safe from any dangers. Where it must be well ventilated and by good lighting. Also, it must be ceramic floors, and there are follow-ups and relocation periodically.

The company features:

· 25 years of experience in the transfer of furniture.
· We excel to offer cheap prices compared with other storage furniture companies.
· We offer one month free when you store with us company.
O Will be sent consisting of 5 gift cartons and plastic air, Flynn Horton and scalpel attached Center without any charge, even if there is no agreement
· We specialize only transport, packaging and storage (as is said to specialize feature of workmanship)
· Furniture packaging and plastic cartons and roller, etc. a**ording to the client.
· We can move the furniture to any place in Saudi Arabia and abroad.
· The administrative staff of the company is purely a Saudi.
O The Working Group of the workers and technicians have been trained to use methods and technological means and modern transportation and storage of furniture, collectibles home with ease and professionalism, and in cooperation with international experts in the relevant field.
O Cars and trailers. Conveyors are closed and furnished Balmucyt all aspects of cork reinforced to avoid bumps and scratches
· Ensure certificates of insurance and insurance companies all movables certified when needed

We are happy to offer our services to you, please feel free to communicate with us then you are in the right place, and with good hands.
Please feel free to contact us at 0555443965 or 0555003395 Dar directions for transport, packaging, and storage
We also have customized cartons for transport, packaging and storage lowest price in the market and high quality*
Only at the price of SR 2 and 90 Halalas only

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